4 Benefits of Cloud Computing Software for Business

Cloud computing software is software you access via the internet rather than software that's downloaded on your computer (or network). Some people refer to the software as SaaS (Software as a Service). Read more great facts on  Celigo cloud integration, click here. 

More software providers are going the cloud route. The key question to consider when choosing cloud or desktop software are the advantage and disadvantages of both. This article sets out the key benefits of cloud software over desktop software.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business
1. Access Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection
This is one of the biggest benefit. Because cloud software is accessible via the Web, you can access your software anywhere you have an internet connection. This is particularly important if your business uses a private network for software. Yes, you can use a VPN service via your laptop or another computer. However, if you prefer, you can also access the software directly. In fact, using VPN services to access cloud software is not as fluid as using the software directly on the network.  In NetSuite log in as an Administrator

2. Technical Issues Are Not an Issue
If you have software on your desktop or a private network, you know the hassle and expense of updates, upgrades, network bugs, security and of course crashes. All these are a major hassle.
With cloud computing, all of the technical issues are taken care of by the software provider. You don't have to worry about down time, crashes, upgrades, networking, servers, etc. You work is to use the software while the vendor takes care of any security of upgrade issues.

3. Scaling Up Couldn't Be Easier with Cloud Computing
When you use a private network with desktop software, adding users costs a lot of money. You need another license and you need to network the software. With cloud computing, you simply pay for additional users. This usually means upgrading to a higher package. If you are scaling down, you can also downgrade to a lower package depending on your needs. Setting up cloud computing software is a breeze.

4. You'll Likely Save Money in the Long Run
Cloud computing, on the surface, appears more expensive. However, when you take into consideration desktop software upgrades, updates, technical support, networking costs, server costs and consultant fees, cloud computing probably costs less. Of course, the cost savings (or not) will vary from business to business.

The above are four benefits of cloud computing software.